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Our Story


It is out of the unlikely setting of impoverished neighborhoods in Trujillo, Peru, that Peru Paper Co. has flourished.  Peruvian women are highly creative and industrious, thriving in even the most difficult situations, and Peru Paper Co. has grown to where it is today primarily because the Peruvian women working with it saw its potential early on and have worked hard to see that it succeeds.  What began as a small craft project in Trujillo in the spring of 2005 has continued to grow, consistently adding employees and increasing production and sales. We produce and sell high-quality, handmade stationery and paper products from recycled materials, employing underprivileged and marginalized women in Peru who would otherwise not have the opportunity to make a livable wage to support their families.  Your purchases help grow the business and change lives as more Peruvian women are employed.

Some important facts about Peru Paper Co.:

  • The women actively participate in business decisions and management of the company.
  • The women draft all new card designs and are encouraged in their creativity and artistry.
  • The business is run from the women’s homes, allowing them to care for their children and work when the schedules of their families permit.
  • All the designs are crafted from recycled paper that the women make in their homes.
  • All of the cards are individually handmade, making each card unique.
  • The women are paid a fair price for their work.


Peru Paper distributes greeting cards designed and handcrafted by Peruvian women using recycled materials and their own homemade paper.